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What We Are About

Residents and trainees are integral to the global surgery effort. While we are actively learning and training to take part in this field, many of us are also active contributors. From building bridges and research, to active clinical involvement, this role is unique and vital, but also challenging due to the demands of training. GSSA is a forum to enable the advancement of these efforts and empower residents in their contributions.

What We Do

  • Connect residents. We have sent out a general membership form for residents and trainees so that we can develop a directory and learn more about what work is needed to support your efforts. We also plan to create opportunities for residents and trainees to learn more about global surgery and to connect with colleagues both in their region and across the country.

  • Initiate and unify efforts. We will soon be launching our global surgery research database project, which will contain information on the location and type of work being done by different trainees, enabling more effective partnership and less duplication.

  • Provide information and opportunities. We vigilantly monitor global surgery activities and forums appropriate for residents, sharing this information through our website. It is currently listed under our student resources tab, but specific opportunities for residents will be listed here. If you know of something we’ve missed, please contact us!

Global Surgery Research Database Project

We have recently developed a platform for a global surgery research database. We envision the database as a place where people can post information about research projects they are working on, expertise they have, and opportunities for others to get involved in their work while also serving as a searchable platform to gain advice for new projects, connect with mentors, and engage in collaboration. Our hope is to accomplish several goals:

  • increase research collaboration on a national scale

  • provide contacts for residents who are engaging in new projects or away rotations

  • connect medical students to research projects that need more support

  • facilitate mentorship between faculty, residents, and medical students

We encourage you to sign up for our listserv through general membership so that you can hear updates as we pursue this and other projects!

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