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Equity Initiative

Why equity? 


Global surgery, as with global health, has roots in colonialism,  and this history continues to shape practices today. This is an important history to understand to prevent promoting future injustices.


We accept that high income country students and trainees have been, and continue to be, complicit in perpetuating inequities in academic global surgery.


Examining and disrupting these practices is not just an ethical imperative, but critical for the promotion and implementation of health equity in all communities.

Our Mission:

We commit to becoming more equitable partners within the field of global surgery through continuous self-reflection, education, and open conversation and collaboration with our global surgery community. We hope that the GSSA Equity Initiative creates a safe but challenging space for US students and trainees to critically examine their own biases, motives, and the end impact of their global surgery work through the following objectives: 






the role of global surgery in the larger context of global health and how responsibilities may differ 

awareness of individual and group impacts in global surgery practices

US medical students and trainees to critically think about how they establish a equitable global surgery practice of their own

the consequences and benefits of various global surgery practices and ways to be involved

on missteps in global health relationships, and to learn how to respond and mend relationships following these missteps

Join Us

Get familiar with the focus:

What is equity? Is it the same as equality? How do we define justice? For the purposes of our discussions we will use these terms frequently. Find out more with this quick reference guide.

Join the national discussion:

We have complied a set of resources you may find helpful. Check out the Recource Library for more!

Join the national discussion:

The National Team and Equity Workgoup will be leading informal discussions on equity topics every third Sunday of the month at 8PM EST. Please note that these meetings are intended to cover ethics topics pertaining to US students. Register for the next meeting below: 

We intend for these meetings to be a place for respectful interactions. These sessions are open to all, but the content and objectives are heavily geared towards discussion of ethics and equity issues faced by US medical students and trainees as they engage with global health.


Please review the ground rules for more information.  

Next meeting: 

Sunday, November 7, 2021


Equity Event
May GSSA Equity Initiative Flyer.png
May GSSA Equity Initiative Flyer (1).png


Equity Initiative Team: 

  • Anusha Jayaram

  • Sarah Rapaport

  • Helen Li

  • Tara Ahmadi

  • Praveen Rajaguru

  • Rachel Graham 

  • Allison Rollins

  • James Sherpa

  • Nensi Ruzgar

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