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Research with GSSA

The GSSA Research Team aims to engage in and advance research for the betterment of surgery, anesthesia, and OBGYN care worldwide. We aim to do this through broad based involvement in a span of endeavors from capacity measurement in regions to researching best educational practices for students in health-science related schools.

GSSA Research Toolkit

The GSSA Research Toolkit is a guide designed to help you explore ideas for getting research started at your institution and elsewhere related to global surgery.

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Access the research toolkit here:

Collaborating with GSSA

GSSA would like to collaborate with individuals and organizations on global surgery research projects. Our previous and ongoing collaborations have included: GlobalSurg, InciSioN, Rutgers RWJ Medical School, and Dr. Rahul Jindal. Please see the below collaboration document for further details:

GSSA Publications

Evaluating the impact of a global surgery conference on student perceptions: a survey study

Jason Young BS, Marvee Turk MD, Parisa N. Fallah BSA, Salim Afshar DMD, MD, FACS

IJS Global Health; July 2018

Next Generation of Global Surgeons: Aligning Interest With Early Access to Global Surgery Education

Erin M. Scott MD, Parisa N. Fallah BSA, David N. Blitzer MD, Rachel E. NeMoyer MD, MPH
Ziad Sifri MD, FACS, Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA)
Joseph S. Hanna MD, PhD, FACS, Gregory L.Peck DO, FACS

Journal of Surgical Research; April 2019

How (not) to Write About Global Health

Get informed about how to write in the world of global health with this satirical article. 

Let sustainability worry about itself when the time comes. Your main task at hand is to develop and execute your project successfully (by your standards), write up the results and publish your manuscript. You need to meet those grant deadlines! You can worry about sustainability after the project is complete or better yet let somebody else worry about it...

Global Surgery Journal Club

InciSioN hosts a Twitter journal club where students and trainees discuss new and exciting papers in global surgery!

Visit @GlobalSurgeryJC on Twitter and Global Surgery Journal Club on Facebook to participate.

Other Resources

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