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Global Surgery Curriculum


Welcome to the Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA) Global Surgery Curriculum. The GSSA is dedicated to furthering education for students and trainees in Global Surgery, OB/GYN, and Anesthesiology, with a focus on the pursuit of ethical practices and sustainable interventions. With this goal in mind, we established our global surgery curriculum, an open series of educational lectures accessible to all regardless of institutional or geographic borders.

The first six lectures compile part one of a “Foundations” curriculum that offers an introduction to life as a global surgeon, the Lancet Commission, the ethics and macroeconomics of global surgery, and involvement in global surgery on the medical student and trainee levels.

We acknowledge that a curriculum on the basics of global surgery is incomplete without material covering anesthesia and obstetrical & gynecologic care in the global arena. Unfortunately, the filming and editing of these and the remaining lectures that we had planned as part of our Foundations curriculum has been put on hold due to the current global health crisis. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and plan to resume filming and dissemination of lecture material as soon as possible.

How to Use the Curriculum

All of the lectures featured in the GSSA Global Surgery curriculum are openly accessible on YouTube, with permission from the featured faculty lecturers. Students and trainees can choose to study the entire lecture series in the curriculum or to explore individual lectures to gain knowledge on a particular topic. We hope that these lectures serve as an introduction to global surgery, but also encourage students to further their understanding by building relationships with global surgery leaders. A good way to connect with global surgery leaders is through finding faculty involved with global surgery at  your institution or by searching for mentors through our database. We encourage faculty mentors to use these lectures as a base curriculum, but we also encourage them to supplement with examples and additional lessons from their own experiences and expertise.

The lecture slides are not available for download individually as they serve as a visual learning tool to supplement the speakers’ educational content, rather than functioning as a comprehensive stand-alone resource. Audio recordings of the lecture material are available for download as well.

Future Use

Our vision for the curriculum is an open education space that provides a knowledge base from which further education, innovation, and collaboration can continuously grow. We encourage the addition of lectures on healthcare systems and practices, cultural sensitivity, capacity building, and needs assessment from the unique perspective of experts in LMICs and HMICs other than the US. In the future, this website will feature a Toolkit that provides a step-by-step outline for generating lectures that can be incorporated into the space.


If you choose to engage with our curriculum, please take a moment to sign our guest book. Click on the hand icon to the left  to complete a guest book entry so that we may update you with future content, better understand who is engaging with our material, and most importantly, hear your feedback. 


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  • The Evolution of Global Surgery
  • Life as a Global Surgeon
  • The Evolution of Global Surgery
  • Ethics in Global Surgery: Introduction
  • Students in Global Surgery
  • Engaging with Global Surgery During Residency
  • Macroeconomics of Global Surgery: The Cost of Doing Nothing
Global Guestbook

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Thank you to our sponsor, Darwin Project, Inc.

The Darwin Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Darwin Project works to initiate and support acts of kindness effective in improving the quality of life of the individual, family and community, particularly the disenfranchised and underserved in the community. Their primary focus is early childhood health and education as the foundation for adult wellbeing. Through their generous donations, GSSA has been able to establish itself and grow as an organization, including creation of an online, freely accessible Global Surgery Curriculum with their support. The curriculum is geared towards medical students, residents, and young physicians with the goal of inspiring and educating the next generation of global surgeons, OB/GYNs, and anesthesiologists.

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