The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Global Surgery Group with Dr. David Spiegel of CHOP Orthopedics!


The Harvard Chan Students Surgical Society meeting with their advisor, Dr. Atul Gawande, to discuss how trainees can contribute to global surgery.


Tufts-GSSA leadership team (from left to right): David Oh, Alexis Kahanu, Teron Nezwek, Alexander Yoon, Jonathan Williams, Tom Zink (not pictured)


The Penn Global Surgery Group (PGSG) provides a central platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, ideas, opportunities, and strategies within an interdisciplinary community of students, faculty, and professionals in the fields of global surgery.


Members of the Yale School of Medicine GSSA chapter at the Yale Global Surgery Symposium in April 2017. From left to right: Jennie Choe, Ava Yap, Geneiva Parkinson, and Taylor Ottesen.

One of the first GSSA planning meetings at Harvard Medical School!

Tufts GSSA

Members of the Tufts University School of Medicine GSSA chapter at the Boston Global Surgery Symposium in March 2017.

Sackler School of Medicine GSSA Chapter Leaders!

GSSA Chapters

Learn about and connect with GSSA chapters through the information below.

Find out more about how to start a chapter at your institution, please contact us at 

Medical Schools

Undergraduate Schools

Boston University

School of Medicine


Leadership: Prahan Chatlur and more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sabrina Sanchez and Dr. Thurston Drake


    Harvard Medical School and

    School of Dental Medicine


    Leadership: Harsha Malapati and more

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Redett


      Penn State University

      College of Medicine

      PSUCoM Chapter of the GSSA

      Leadership: Anjana Sinha, Ray Kim, and more

      Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anthony Tsai


        Rutgers Robert Wood

        Johnson Medical School

        Rutgers RWJMS GSSA

        Leadership: Mateo Gilsilvetti, Fady Soliman, and more

        Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gregory Peck, Dr. Paul Truche, Dr. Rachel Nemoyer


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        Tufts University
        School of Medicine

        GSSA at TUSM

        Leadership: David Posawatz and more

        Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Rohrer


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        University of Pennsylvania

        Perelman School of Medicine

        Penn Global Surgery Group

        Leadership: Papa Kwadwo Morgan Asiedu, Kathleen Davin, and more

        Faculty Advisor: Dr. David A. Spiegel, Dr. Jordan Swanson, and Dr. Neil Sheth


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        Wright State University

        Boonshoft School of Medicine

        Wright State BOSM

        Global Health Initiative

        Leadership: Musunga Mulenga

        Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kate Conway


          Brown Alpert

          Medical School

          GSSA at Brown AMS

          Leadership: Praveen Rajaguru, Sarah Nuss, and more

          Faculty Adisor: --


            Johns Hopkins

            School of Medicine

            Johns Hopkins GSSA

            Leadership: Harsha Malapati and more

            Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Redett


              Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

              PCOM Global Surgery Group

              Leadership: Olivia Bowles and more

              Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Geng


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              Sackler School of Medicine

              New York

              Sackler School of Medicine GSSA Chapter

              Leadership: Taylor Ibelli and more


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              University of Maryland

              Baltimore School of Medicine

              Global Health and Surgery Interest Group

              Leadership: Juhye Kang

              Faculty Advisor: Dr. Miriam Laufer


                University of Pittsburgh

                School of Medicine

                PittMed Global Surgery and Anesthesia

                Leadership: Marin Kheng and more

                Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Peitzman and Dr. Juan Carlos Puyana


                  Yale School of Medicine

                  GSSA at Yale

                  Leadership: Samip Kafle, Kelsey Rankin, and Shin Mei Chan

                  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Adrienne Socci, Dr. Doruk Ozgediz, Dr. James Clune, and Dr. Viji Kurup 


                    Dartmouth University -

                    Geisel School of Medicine

                    GSSA at Dartmouth

                    Leadership: Liesl Eibschutz

                    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lisa Adams


                      New York Medical College

                      Global Surgery NYMC

                      Leadership: Ariel Figueroa, Diamond Clough, and more


                        Renaissance School of Medicine

                        at Stony Brook University

                        Stony Brook GSSA

                        Leadership: Edward Ham, Irene Tsai, and more

                        Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Sedler


                          Stanford University

                          School of Medicine

                          GSSA at Stanford

                          Leadership: Aydin Kaghazchi


                            University of Massachusetts

                            Medical School

                            GSSA at UMMS

                            Leadership: Vanya Zvonar and

                            Ariana McFarland

                            Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joyce McIntyre


                              University of Queensland Ochsner Clinical School

                              GSSA UQ

                              Leadership: Oybek Nazarov, Yuriy Stankov, and more

                              Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Maurice


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                              Baylor University

                              GSSA at Baylor Univerisy

                              Leadership: Cassidy Parshall and more

                              Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emily Smith


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                              Rutgers University -

                              New Brunswick

                              GSSA at Rutgers University

                              Leadership: Autumn Byfield and more

                              Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gregory Peck

                              and Dr. Paul Truche


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                              University of Michigan

                              GSSA at UMich

                              Leadership: Miranda Goodson and more

                              Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gifty Kwakye 


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                              Harvard Univeristy

                              GSSA at Harvard

                              Leadership: Marissa Sumathipala 



                                University of Houston

                                GSSA at University of Houston

                                Leadership: Kala Pham and more

                                Faulty Advisor: Dr. Ruth Bush



                                  Wayne State Univeristy

                                  GSSA at UMich

                                  Leadership: Bassem Chamma 

                                  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ruth Bush


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                                  Hunter College

                                  GSSA at Hunter

                                  Leadership: Rodela Ahmed and more


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                                  University of Texas at Austin

                                  GSSA at UT Austin

                                  Leadership: Andrew Chen and more


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                                  Schools that are in the process of starting global surgery working groups:
                                  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine

                                  • Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

                                  • Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

                                  • Drexel University College of Medicine

                                  • Emory School of Medicine

                                  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

                                  • John A. Burns School of Medicine (Hawaii)

                                  • Medical College of Wisconsin

                                  • New Jersey Institute of Technology (undergraduate)

                                  • Ohio State University College of Medicine

                                  • SUNY Downstate Medical School

                                  • Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

                                  • Thomas Jefferson University - Sidney Kimmel Medical College

                                  • University of Alabama School of Medicine

                                  • University of Central Florida College of Medicine

                                  • University of Pennsylvania (undergraduate)

                                  • University of Tennessee Health Science Center

                                  • University of Texas Health Science Center - San Antonio

                                  • University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston

                                  • University of Washington School of Medicine

                                  • Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine

                                  • Weill Cornell Medical College

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