Utah Global Surgery Symposium

GSSA's 4th Annual National Symposium 

A Note from the Planning Committee

Medical students from the University of Utah have teamed up with the Global Surgery Student Alliance to host a global surgery conference for students and trainees across the United States and around the world. Our mission is to showcase the ever-expanding global surgery work done by medical schools across the West and beyond, while facilitating mentorship and education on how medical students and residents can prepare for a future in global surgery that is sustainable, impactful, and innovative.


Featuring some of today's leaders in surgery, medical devices, and biotechnology, this conference will bring together students, residents, faculty, and staff across institutions, specialties, and disciplines with the goal of inspiring students to be innovative in the ever-growing field of global surgery, OB/GYN, and anesthesia. 


Additionally, as part of the symposium weekend, we will be holding Innovation Night on Friday, March 13th for the first 150 symposium registrants. Here we will have guest speakers from industry representing medical device and biotechnology companies to discuss how the industry thinks about and develops innovative solutions for global health and surgery applications. Following the speakers, we will have an open tabling session for exploration and networking.


We look forward to innovating with you!

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