GSSA's 2nd Annual Conference:

Houston Global Surgery Symposium

As a follow-up to our Boston Global Surgery Symposium in March 2017, GSSA will be hosting the Houston Global Surgery Symposium in March 2018 as a part of the Houston Global Health Collaborative (HGHC) conference titled GLOCAL. A message from the planning committee and important links are listed below.

Date & Time: March 9th from 12:30pm-7pm CST (Global Surgery Program)

March 10th from 8am-6pm CST (General Global Health Program)

Location: Shell Auditorium at Rice University School of Business in Houston, TX

Registration Fee: Early Bird Deadline is March 3rd

$30 for students/residents; $20 if you register in groups of 2 or more!


A Note from the GSSA Conference Planning Team

at Baylor College of Medicine

"We are proud to announce our final plans for the Global Surgery Symposium as part of Houston Global Health Collaborative's 2018 GLOCAL Conference. The Global Surgery Symposium will be held on the afternoon of Friday, March 9th, 2018 at Rice University School of Business in Houston, Texas. We will be hosting 3 1-hour panel sessions featuring 2-3 global surgeons each. Current plans for the speaker presentations are to have each surgeon give a 15-minute "Ted-Talk style" presentation and leave the remaining time for panel discussion and questions. Topics for these panels will be Sub-Specialties in Global Surgery, Capacity-Building, and then a Pathways to Global Surgery Panel featuring the residents in BCM's Global Surgery Fellowship program. We hope these panels will highlight the potential paths students can take to pursue their dreams of working in the ever-expanding field of global surgery. 


While the Global Surgery Symposium will conclude on Friday evening, the entire GLOCAL conference is held over 1.5 days (March 9th-10th). Admission to both days is included in the ticket price, so we would really like to encourage students to stay for the entirety of the conference. Topics covered on Saturday include Global Health Humanities, Healthcare Business, and Innovations & Sustainability. Particularly, the Innovations & Sustainability track on Saturday afternoon will also feature technological innovations useful in surgery. For the first time this year, we will also be holding a workshop session after lunch on Saturday to encourage conference attendees to work through a global health issue together.


As part of the conference, we will also be holding a poster session on Friday and Saturday during lunch. We invite interested students to submit their abstracts at: deadline for abstract submission is January 15, 2018."

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