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November 15, 2020

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We are excited to announce:

The Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA)Leadership Team has national-level positions opening up, and the application will soon be available. GSSA is a student-founded and student-run organization that aims to educate, unite, and inspire students interested in global surgery. We are the U.S. national working group affiliated with the International Student Surgical Network (InciSioN). Since we started in January 2017, our team has successfully helped launch over 50 global surgery groups at U.S. medical schools, encompassing a network of over 3500 students and trainees. Additionally, through InciSioN, we have established collaborations with multiple countries around the world. Click on the buttons below for more information about GSSA and to apply for a position with the team.


Who is eligible to apply? 

Only medical students, dental students, nursing students, PA students, other graduate students (Masters or PhD), and residents/fellows who are attending U.S. schools/institutions are eligible to apply for national positions.

  • Undergraduate Students: We still encourage undergraduate students to develop global surgery groups at their schools and continue to stay involved! Connect with existing undergraduate GSSA chapters here, or find out how to start a GSSA undegraduate chapter here

  • International Students: For our friends around the world, we are happy to connect you with your respective national working groups and look forward to more collaborations in the coming year. Please contact us for more information.

Which positions are available? 



VPs of Internal Affairs - 1 position

The VPs of Internal Affairs play a major role in facilitating local involvement in global surgery and collaboration on a national scale between the chapters. They lead all national and regional chapter leader meetings, supervise the Regional Representatives, and are involved in the planning of all major global surgery events across the country. They play a big role in GSSA’s annual national symposium, starting from choosing the hosting school to organizing planning meetings to ensuring the overall success of the event. The VPs of Internal Affairs contribute significantly to the GSSA national network and this role will give you an opportunity to interact with student leaders across the country in meaningful ways.


VPs of Advocacy - 1 position

The VPs of Advocacy play a significant role in establishing GSSA’s reach across the country and around the world. This includes managing the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets. The VPs of Advocacy not only support the national team’s projects/efforts, but also share extensively about the events & work being done at the local level by our chapters. They often meet with chapter leaders to strategize ways to increase the scope of local events and ensure broad awareness. The VPs of Advocacy also get involved with international global surgery campaigns through a broad range of global surgery organizations worldwide. This role involves connecting with other organizations and working to effectively disseminate information on global surgery in the public sphere, with the goal of mobilizing more people to engage in the field.


VPs of Education - 2 positions

The major focus of this role is to develop avenues by which to help increase students’ knowledge, awareness, and engagement in global surgery as a field. Responsibilities for this position include aiding in the development of GSSA’s global surgery curriculum, creating a policy platform to encourage global surgery education at the medical school and trainee level, facilitating GSSA’s webinar series, and more. The VPs of Education also identify current gaps and challenges in global surgery education and spearhead initiatives to address these issues at an individual and systemic level. This role has a lot of flexibility, as we are in the process of completing several projects. We look forward to having new ideas brought to this team!


VPs of Research - 1 position

The VPs of Research focus on searching for research opportunities, projects, and programs in global surgery that are available around the country for students. This includes reaching out to surgical departments at medical schools, contacting the different GSSA chapters, and other unique avenues to see if there are opportunities that can be shared nationwide. The VPs of Research also identify potential projects that either the GSSA National Team or different GSSA chapters could take on. This includes partnerships with other research groups as well as the creation of our own study that involves contributions and authorship for all GSSA chapters.


VPs of Residents/Trainees - 1-2 positions

This role entails connecting residents to GSSA and identifying/developing the areas where residents have strengths to contribute to global surgery efforts. It also entails mentorship and guidance of GSSA’s overall national projects. Current goals for this team are to develop resources to encourage and facilitate residents involvement in global surgery; however, there is a lot of opportunity to establish new goals & start more projects in this role. The VPs of Residents/Trainees also act as liaisons between the work being done by medical students across the country and that being done by residents, integrating the two and helping to align perspectives.


VPs of Finance - 1 position

GSSA is a nonprofit, which is a status maintained by the VPs of finances both financially and legally. This role includes careful monitoring of our budget, as well as financial planning to see what we could use the money for, how much is being used, and more. A very important task is completing the annual tax documents with the state and federal government. The VPs of Finances are also extensively involved with securing funds from sponsors, grants, and other sources, as well as leading fundraising campaigns so that GSSA can meet its goals. They are crucial to GSSA’s future and ability to act on our plans for expanding student efforts within global surgery.


Regional Representatives - 3 positions

The regional representatives serve as liaisons between the national team and local chapters in their regions. Their role includes regular outreach to chapters in their region to receive updates on chapter activities, coordination of events and conferences within the region to encourage collaboration and networking between nearby chapters, and updating the national team on such inter-chapter activities in their region. This is a great opportunity for a chapter leader to broaden the scope of their involvement in GSSA and learn about opportunities at neighboring institutions and at the national level.  Available regional positions include:

  • Northeast - NY, NJ, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME

  • Central - KS, MO, KY, OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, MN, IA, ND, SD, NE

  • South - TX, OK, LA, AK, FL, GA, AL, MS


Undergraduate Representative - 1 position

The Undergraduate Representative works to support and represent all GSSA undergraduate chapters through the planning of undergraduate events, coordination of undergrad activities, semesterly undergraduate meetings, and assistance in chapter development.


Undergraduate students may apply for this position. Please note that this position is the ONLY exception to the application requirements of enrollment in graduate-level training. 

More questions? 

We welcome your questions. Please reach out by contacting us at

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